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SpiderMan 16" Boys Bike

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Huffy SpiderMan 16" Boys Bike.

The Official Spider-Man Kids Bike is a perfect choice for young fans of the superhero. This bike is designed for children aged 4-6 years, with a height range of 112-127cm. It features stunning Spider-Man graphics throughout, showcasing unique poses and the iconic Spider-Man logo on its Y-frame design.

The bike comes with stabilizers, making it suitable for kids who are learning to ride. These stabilizers can be easily attached or removed based on your child's progress. The fully pneumatic tires offer extra grip traction, ensuring a smooth and safe ride. The bike also includes a full enclosed chainguard with spider graphics, providing added safety.

The Spider-Man theme extends to the bike seat, which is padded and decorated with Marvel styling. The seat height is adjustable to accommodate your child's growth. The assembly process is made easy with the "Quick-Connect" feature, as the bike arrives 85% assembled. The necessary tools are included in the box.

  • Stunning Spiderman graphics feature all over the bike. The unique Y-frame design shows unique Spiderman poses and logo.
  • Full enclosed chainguard featuring spider graphics.
  • For kids learning to ride, stabilisers are included. Stabilisers are easily fitted as required and removed once your child's cycling skills have progressed.
  • Fully pneumatic tyres with extra grip traction.
  • The Spiderman theme doesn't stop on the bike; the comfy padded seat features more Marvel styling. The seat height is easily adjustable as your child grows.
  • Minimal 'Quick-Connect' assembly - Arrives 85% assembled, a few easy steps to complete and get riding. Tools included in the box.
  • 16-inch kids’ bike is suitable for kids from age 4 - 6 years old, 112-127cm in height.

Ages: 4-6 years