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3 In 1 Swing Seat

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3 In 1 Swing Seat.

  • This swing seat is made of durable plastic for long life. Let your child enjoy the fun.
  • The swing seat is designed for babies toddlers children and teenagers. Suitable for children to swing outdoors or indoors. Durable safe and versatile.
  • Three-in-one design. The T-bar and seat back are detachable the high back supports the baby's head the neck and back are better and the sturdy safety straps ensure your child stays safe while swinging.
  • Four-point connection the rope is fixed with thick knots on all four corners of the seat to prevent tilting. Silk-like ropes to prevent the rope from grinding the child's hand the seat is easy to clean.
  • Easy to use just loosen the T-bar and slide up to enter the seat - this makes it easier and safer for your child to swing.
  • Max weight of 60kg.

Ages: (0-3) (3-5) (5+)