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Airfix Aston Martin DB5 Starter Set 1:43

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Airfix Aston Martin DB5 Starter Set 1:43.

Although the criteria for a car to be described as one of the world's top supercars will always be open to some debate, surely few would argue that the Aston Martin DB5 should be amongst this group. A luxury grand tourer which may have been the product of an Italian design team, but is the very essence of British sophistication and style, the DB5 built on the impressive success of its predecessor, the DB4 and between 1963 and 1965, presented the motoring world with one of the most desirable cars ever produced. 

With pure driving pleasure at its heart, the Aston Martin DB5 was fast, powerful and refined, but most of all was beautiful to look at. With its iconic front profile and eye-catching spoked wheels, this product of the 1960s can still hold its own with any modern classic and if you arrived at an event in one of these beauties, you would definitely be the centre of attention.

  • Includes: 1:43 Scale Model, 4 Humbrol Acrylic Paints, 1 Brush & 1 Poly Cement.
  • Skill Level 1 (where 1 is for beginner and 4 is for the more experienced modeller). This set has 30 Parts Total.

Ages: 8+