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Get your adrenaline pumping with Axetreme, work on your axe throwing skills to become an expert axe thrower. Aim, throw, strike your way to the top of the leader board. This game is sure to axe-ceed your expectations!

Including soft flexible axes for safe axe throwing, this popular activity is a hit with adults and now children can get involved too! Give it your best shot and see how you score, aim for the centre to go straight to the top of the leader board. The unique target is made from special flexible material, so your axe simply slots into the target, mimicking real life axe throwing.

Make the battle of the axes more competitive with the dice adding a fun challenging twist. Throw the dice to see what trial it sets you and complete it whilst you throw your axe, but make sure it doesn’t throw you off target.

Practise alone to build up your skills or play competitively with peers. A staple interactive game for the whole family to get involved with. Bring speed and skill for axe-cellent results!

  • Contents: 4 Axes, 1 Target Board, 2 Target Stands, 1 Die, 2 Score Sliders and Instructions.
  • Real and safe axe throwing.
  • Skill game that everyone can play.
  • 1-4 players.

Ages: 6+