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Baby Annabell Let's Play Bath Time

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Baby Annabell Let's Play Bath Time.

The Baby Annabell Let's Play Bath Time is a magical bathtub that is perfect for pretend play. Put your favourite Baby Annabell doll into the tub and press the pink button to watch the magic happen – no water needed.

With the Let’s Play Bath Time bathtub, watch the special 'water' effect rise either side of the tub, revealing a fun, under-the-sea pattern. Plus, the side panels light up to add to this magical effect. Gently tap the heart-shaped button on the shower head to hear fun splashing-in-the-tub sounds, and press it again to light up the shower head, giving the illusion of water.

Once they’ve had fun ‘splashing’ in the tub, simply press the pink button again and the water effect will reverse, pretending it’s draining away. Ideal for getting Baby Annabell ready for bed, little ones will love re-enacting bath time with this Let's Play Bath Time bathtub, without the hassle of water spills. It's the perfect accessory to support their understanding of bath and bed routines too, plus is lots of fun!

As Baby Annabell dolls are so soft and cuddly, and need batteries to function, they cannot be put in water. Therefore, the Let's Play Bath Time bathtub is for pretend water-play without the spills, as you cannot use water with this product. If by accident, some water does get into the tub, there is a hole to allow the water to drain away quickly.

  • Includesd: 1 Baby Annabell Let's Play Bath Time bathtub.
  • Fits dolls up to 43cm (dolls sold separately).
  • Batteries required: 3 x AA (not included).

Ages: 3+