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Baby Born Tooth Care Spa Playset

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Baby Born Tooth Care Spa Playset.

Introducing the Baby Born Tooth Care Spa. Children love to pretend play their night-time routine with this colourful wash cabinet for BABY born. Taking good care of your teeth is super fun with the dental care set. Let’s start by turning on the lights. The frame of the mirror is illuminated. The toothbrushing expert Bruno the bear has BABY born’s toothbrush at the ready and makes supportive brushing sounds.

After brushing her teeth, she uses her toothbrush mug that makes gurgling sounds. Then all she has to do is wipe away the toothpaste splatters with her drop pattern towel and she’s ready to play again. Being in the bathroom is also quite fun, you can put Berta the duck in the sink, fill it with real water from the tap and then quickly pull out the stopper to see how the water disappears again. Please Note: Doll sold separately. 

  • Includes: Mirror, a fun vibrating toothbrush in the shape of a bear, a cup that makes gurgling sounds when you pick it up, and towel to wipe her face.
  • Batteries Required: 2 x AAA (not included) and 3 x AG13 (included).
  • Baby Born doll not included.

Ages: 3+