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Baby Clementoni Play with Me Soft Activity Gym

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Baby Clementoni Play with Me Soft Activity Gym.

This soft " Play with Me" electronic activity gym is packed with lots of fun manual activities, cuddly toys and accessories to support multi-sensorial development and encourage freedom of movement. Each activity has been specifically studied to engage and stimulate baby and support child-parent interaction.

  1. The mat features a story that can be told and interpreted using the accessories
  2. The net between the arches can be used to play peekaboo
  3. The fox's tail can be used to tickle baby
  4. The bunny's tummy contains a squeaker
  5. The mirror supports self-recognition and stimulates facial expressions and laughter
  6. The cloud rattle rotates and makes the sound of the rain
  7. 3 teething accessories
  8. The electronic module comes with lots of melodies and sounds of nature, to help build empathy between parents and baby through play

Ages: From birth