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Baby Annabell Little Annabell 36cm Doll

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Baby Annabell Little Annabell 36cm Doll.

Say Hello to little Annabelle! This cute little doll just loves falling asleep... Simply lie her down and watch as she slowly closes her eyes and dozes off - no need for counting sheep here! She also loves to watch the world around her so there's lots of fun to be had.

Baby Annabell little Annabelle comes with a miniature drinking bottle, perfect for all those times she gets hungry. Plus she's fascinated with her easy-fit pink romper which can be put on and taken off even by the smallest of hands, making her the perfect first doll for children aged 1+. The matching hat can also be taken on or off and is great for a little game of peek-a-boo if you pull gently over her eyes.

  • 36cm doll with soft body.
  • Sleeping eyes when you lie her down.
  • Features minature bottle, hat and easy fit romper.

Ages: 1+