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Babylo Brampton Glider Chair And Footstool

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Babylo Brampton Glider Chair And Footstool.

The Babylo Glider Chair and footstool has ergonomically deep upholstery, Suedette fabric, padded glider chair seat, high backrest, and glider chair padded armrests - all for the comfort of mother and her little one.

Perfect for feeding, relaxing, and spending quality time together, the Babylo Glider & Stool features a luxuriously padded seat with a matching stool.


  • The smooth gliding motion rocks both the parent and child.
  • Makes a great chair for feeding or just relaxing in while the baby sleeps.
  • Deep padding on the back and armrests allows you to sink into this seat and relax.
  • The cushions are removable from the chair (cushion covers are permanent) and the padded cushion is permanently fixed to the stool.
  • The Babylo Glider Chair and footstool is the ideal place for nursing, feeding, and soothing baby with a smooth motion.