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Bakugan Battle League Special Attack Ball Mantid

Available: In-Store Online

Bakugan Battle League Special Attack Ball Mantid.

Spin your Bakugan like never before with the Bakugan - Special Attack Mantid (Green) Figure.

Use the XL ripcord to spin or roll your Bakugan onto the Gate Card and watch it transform with the iconic pop-open transformations. Use the Character and Special Attack Cards for new stats to level up your gameplay. Each Bakugan includes a special code to use in the online game, Roblox, for new ways to play and interact. Elevate strategic gameplay with the Battle Arena and Training Packs (sold separately).

  • Includes: 1 Special Attack Bakugan, 1 Character Card, 1 Special Attack Card, 1 Gate Card, 1 XL Ripcord and 1 Bakugan Token.
  • Use the ripcord to activate the spinning Bakugan.
  • Combine your Bakugan with the multi-part ball-linking system.
  • Simply snap the top character portion, the bottom portion and the Special Attack Power Ring.

Ages: 6+