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Barbie Colour Change Mermaid Doll

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Barbie Colour Change Mermaid Doll.

Playtime has been transformed into pure magic with the Malibu Barbie Mermaid Colour Changing doll! Enchanted by the touch of water, this mermaids ombre tail, bodice, and long flowing hair change from bubblegum pink to vibrant purple and back again!

Now it’s time to style Barbie Malibu with accessories and comb her luscious locks. And her pet dolphin is there to keep her company when she takes a dip!

  • Includes: 1 Barbie mermaid colour change doll, 1 dolphin, 1 headband, 1 choker and 1 floral necklace.
  • Inspired by the show Barbie A Touch of Magic!
  • Watch in awe as Barbe Malibu mermaid changes colours in cold water.
  • From bright pink to vibrant purple and back again.
  • Barbies’ pink dolphin is their to keep her company!
  • Style Barbies hair with her purple hairbrush and accessories.

Ages: 3+