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Barbie Terrarium Craft Playset

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Barbie Terrarium Craft Playset.

A fantastic kit with a unique design, for creating a miniature ecosystem in perfect Barbie style! A set to let children have fun while they learn the importance of taking care of their plants. Children can have fun building the ecosystem using the seeds, soil, coloured sand and stones and can decorate using chalk, stencils, stickers and tempera colours. A creative set that can be personalised, containing all necessary items for decorating.

  • A Fantastic science kit to create your own miniature ecosystem with a truly fabulous setting, in perfect Barbie style!
  • A set to entertain children and teach them the importance of taking care of their own seedlings.
  • With chalk and vacuum to create a fantastic camper and a real explorer's tent.
  • With seeds, peat, potting soil and decorative pebbles, children will enjoy recreating a natural landscape and stimulating their creativity.
  • A Barbie-themed science workshop for children ages 6 and up. A customizable, all-you-can-decorate toy to beautify their bedroom.

Ages: 6+