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Bestway pool Inflation Hand Pump 14"

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Bestway pool Inflation Hand Pump 14".

Bestway 14" Air Hammer Pump takes the stress, strain and pain out of using lung capacity alone to inflate air mattresses or other inflatables. Using the Air Hammer couldn't be easier. Once its flexible hose has been plugged into an inflatable's air valve you simply stroke the handle up and down. This simple procedure pumps an impressive 2 x 2,000 cubic centimetres of air until an inflatable has reached its capacity. The air pump even has a deflate switch for when an inflatable needs to be packed up and put away. Three interchangeable valves are included, making the air pump compatible with almost any inflatable!

  • Ideal for inflatable chairs, beds, boats and more.
  • Easily switches from inflation to deflation.
  • Has an air volume of 2 x 2,000 cc (cubic centimetres).
  • Quick and simple to use.