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Block Block Burrito Game

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Block Block Burrito Game.

Your favorite game of weaponized Mexican food just got more exhilarating! Add this expansion pack to Throw Throw Burrito and make those happy, neighbor-alerting squeals even louder. Block Block burrito comes with 2 inflatable tortilla shields that give you the power to block flying burritos. So, it’s not game over if you get cornered. Just channel your inner warrior, go for the block, and turn the hunter into the hunted.

So, you’ve been loving Throw Throw Burrito. It’s turned your game nights into must-attends. Your friends flinch whenever they walk into Mexican restaurants. Now take the burrito warfare to the next level! This expansion introduces new cards your group will love. Like Split Up Duel and Tortilla Brawl to make those budding grudges even grudg-ier. And Super Block War that will put your reflexes to the test and leave walking legends in its wake.

Block Block Burrito includes 2 Inflatable Tortilla Shields, 36 Burrito Battle Cards, 36 Avocado Battle Cards, 2 Repair Patches, and an Instruction Manual you’ll probably skim. Please Note: This is not a standalone game. You’ll need a copy of Throw Throw Burrito to unlock the awesomeness. It also works as an expansion pack for Throw Throw Avocado. And if you’re cool like that (which we’re sure you are) you can combine the 3 to create 1 mega dodgeball card game.

Those tortilla props you see there? They’re super soft, just like your squishy burritos. So, getting hit by one doesn’t make you wince, it makes you smile. But be cool. Don’t direct them at someone’s head, face, or eyes. Don’t be that guy. Want to get the most out of Block Block Burrito? Make sure there’s a lot of space. This way, there’ll be room to run, hide, and cower in fetal position.

For 2-6 players.

Ages: 7+