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Bluey Dance And Play Bluey Animated Plush Toy

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Bluey Dance And Play Bluey Animated Plush Toy.

Ready... Set... Dance Mode! Get your dancing shoes on, turn up the volume and get ready for good times! Play along with Bluey as she hops, waves and dances! Then join the fun for games, songs and more - For real life!

Dance And Play Bluey is a fun animated Plush toy with over 55 phrases! Dance and sing along with Bluey to 4 different songs! See if you can beat Bluey at 3 of her favorite games!

Play Statues, Dance Mode and Copycat with her! Dance and Play Bluey is full of awesome moves! She can hop in one leg, dance and wave her arms in the air! Just press her tummy and and join in with Bluey!

Bluey is the perfect size for cuddles. Made with deluxe fabrics and featuring embroidered details, this super-soft plush doubles as a cuddly toy for game-time or storytime. Collect all of Bluey's Plush friends and create your own Bluey adventures!

Ages: 3+