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Bruder 02250 Lemken Semi Mounted Reversible Plough

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Bruder 02250 Lemken Semi Mounted Reversible Plough.

As the model description in the original already suggests this type of plough concerns a truly imposing design for treating soil in farming. The rotary gear that can be pivoted by 180 degrees makes the plough very agile despite its substantial size and can also be used in hilly and rough terrain without any problems. 

The large castor wheels minimise soil pressure when ploughing and ensure secure transporting on roads. The impressive Bruder model has been developed in the same way as the original Vari-Titan series and fits superbly to the new generation of Pro tractors. The plough can of course be pulled by all Bruder Unimogs and the Profi series tractors.

Ages: 4+