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Bruder Claas Jaguar 980 Field Chopper 1:16

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Bruder Claas Jaguar 980 Field Chopper 1:16.

The Jaguar 980 is the largest forage harvester in the CLAAS range. Thanks to the impressive engine, redeveloped drive and harvesting systems this machine is used anywhere with a need to quickly and efficiently harvest large fields. The forage harvester's impressive corn header has been equipped with six driven pull-in slides and the silage spout can be turned in any direction. Door and hood open to provide a view of the detailed cab as well as impressive engine. Another great feature is that you can take the wheels off and on! Possible add ons to this truck are the CLAAS pick-up accessories (item no. 02325) and the mechanics set (item no. 62100).

Highlights Include:

Driver's Cab:
- Cab made from transparent, high quality plastic
- Door can be opened

Automotive Body:
- Folding up the side cover reveals a view of the engine
- Folding corn header with six driven pull in slides
- Adjustable silage spout
- Detachable corn header with oscillating suspension

- Steered rear axle
- All terrain oscillating axle
- Removable front wheels

Ages: 4+