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Bruder Class Axion With Snow Chains And Snowblower 1:16

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Bruder Class Axion With Snow Chains And Snowblower 1:16.

Winter can come! The newly developed Axion 950 offers comprehensive innovations in function, usability and performance. Combined with the new Bruder snow chains for extra grip on ice and snow and the mounted, height-adjustable snow blower, even large snow masses on the roads can be removed playfully.

For the realistic playing feel, the driver's cab is fully glazed and doors and bonnet can be opened. Thanks to the steering extension, the tractor can be easily controlled from the outside and with the movable milling roller, including rotating ejection, the largest snow front can be easily removed. Thanks to the adjustable rear coupling, all trailers of the professional series can be combined.


  • Cabin windows made of transparent and shatter-proof plastic.
  • Hood can be opened.
  • Doors can be opened.

Vehicle construction:

  • Removable front weight.
  • Towing hitch with height-adjustable lifting mechanism.
  • Mounting for front loader.


  • Removable wheels.
  • Removable chains.
  • Steerable and off-road pendulum front axle.
  • Retrofit twin tyres.

Ages: 4+