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Bruder Krampe Tandem Halfpipe Tipping Trailer 1:16

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Bruder Krampe Tandem Halfpipe Tipping Trailer 1:16.

Halfpipe tipping trailers are becoming increasingly popular for applications that require efficient earth movements. A tractor-trailer unit made up of a powerful tractor and a halfpipe tandem axle trailer is now often given priority over a lorry especially when the subsoil is boggy and difficult. However, you will also frequently encounter this type of trailer in agriculture today. The BRUDER model is distinguished by its rich-in-detail design and brings the same powerful earth moving capacity to the sandpit that the original offers in real life.

  • 3-fold extendable cylinder with locking function.
  • Halfpipe tub with tilt function
  • Tailgate for opening.
  • Folding stand.
  • Profile tires.
  • Suitable for playing indoors and outdoors.
  • Scale 1:16.

Ages: 3+