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Bruder Lemken Koralin 9 Cultivator 1:16

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Bruder Lemken Koralin 9 Cultivator 1:16.

Agriculture must constantly adapt to new challenges, such as less rainfall and increased drought. To overcome this challenge, the Koralin cultivator offers a versatile solution for the gentle management of agricultural land.

This state-of-the-art machine for field work is a new, 1:16-scale addition to the BRUDER agriculture theme world. A lever on the chassis can be used to switch from transport mode to field mode. Both large side elements with accurately detailed windows and tine elements can be folded up for transportation. When folded down, these elements together with functioning trailing rollers and tines, as on the original, show the impressive size of this trailer attachment. The BRUDER 3000 and 4000 series tractors are the perfect tractor for this impressive combined disc harrow cultivator.

  • Scale 1:16.
  • 2 fold-up outriggers.
  • Cultivator with moving drum.
  • Height-adjustable chassis

Ages: 3+