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Bruder Linde HT160 Forklift With Pallet And 3 Containers

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Bruder Linde HT160 Forklift With Pallet And 3 Containers.

Linde HT models are fast and economical when handling heavy loads. These models ensure particularly high handling performance, especially over long distances.

New at BRUDER, the Linde HT160 from this series is a detailed model in the commercial vehicle themed world. The original model features an impressive 16-tonne load capacity, a lifting height of 4 metres and state-of-the-art displays in the driver's cab.

The BRUDER model is equal in every detail. The modern cab is fully glazed and provides excellent all-round visibility. The stacker is equipped with a double-lift mast, the lifting and tilting function of which can be operated with one hand. The model has easy-to-operate steering that enables the children to manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces, just like the original.

A heavy-duty pallet for transporting large loads and 3 pallet cages are included.

Ages: 4+