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Bruder Schaffer Compact Loader And Bale Grab

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Bruder Schaffer Compact Loader And Bale Grab.

Schffers most successful model series of all times. Maximum output in confined spaces, that is this loaders maxim. This pivotal and convincingly versatile vehicle enabling success in agriculture is now available from BRUDER at a scale of 1:16 in combination with a bale gripper. The vehicle features operational articulated steering and the loading arm as well as the shovel are also operated just like in the original. Solid anti-roll bars protect the bworld figure that comfortably fits into the drivers seat. For the transportation and distribution of straw and hay, the new ball gripper is an extremely useful aid that helps every little farmer to transport the round bale supplied into the barn and unload it. The gripper opens and closes by simply turning the upper hand wheel.

Shock-resistant plastic and rubber tyres.

Scale: 1:16

Ages: 3+