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Care Bears Togetherness Bear Medium Plush Soft Toy

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Care Bears Togetherness Bear Medium Plush Soft Toy.

The Care Bears are a lovable group of besties who are always looking for new ways to share their care and today they’re excited to introduce you to an all new friend: Togetherness Bear.

Togetherness Bear has an important message to share, a unique design for all to love, and a Care Bears family ready to welcome her into the line. There's only ONE way to describe Togetherness Bear - she's "one of a kind!" Unique, colourful, and all about bringing everyone together. Unique - No two Togetherness Bears will look the same, just like no two people are the same! Colourful - Togetherness Bear has every colour of the rainbow in her fur and heart-shaped belly badge! Inclusive - With her motto of "Love All," Togetherness Bear reminds us that sharing your heart with others is the greatest gift to give and is the best way to bring us all closer together.

Includes: 1 Togetherness Bear Plush.

Ages: 4+