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Casdon Little Shopper Post Office

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This Post Office Set lets your little ones become their own post master. It’s bursting with all the post office essentials you will need to run your very own 'post office shop!' Your little one will have hours of fun playing with their friends and family. Swap between being the shop keeper and the customer. Set Includes; Post box, Weighing scales, cash drawer, stamper, coins and notes, numerous magazines and newspaper titles, envelopes, post cards, play stamps, greetings cards, stamper, opening post box, tax discs, vehicle licences and all the forms and accessories you would expect from your local post office - even including TV licence forms! Children will love weighing parcels, stamping envelopes, counting money and filling out forms. These are just some of the activities they can perform with this fun Post Office play set, filled full of post office essentials.


Contents: Post Office Playset, play pash, play stamps, greeting cards, envelopes, a post box, a weighing scales, magazines, stamps, a stamper and tax discs


Ages: 3+