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Clevamama ClevaFoam Premium Suppourt Mattress 70cm x 140cm x 9cm Cot Bed Size

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Clevamama ClevaFoam Premium Suppourt Mattress 70cm x 140cm x 9cm Cot Bed Size.

Our ClevaFoam Support Baby Mattress is designed to be the ultimate in comfort and support for your baby’s head, neck and body, helping them to sleep safely and more soundly so everybody gets a good night’s sleep!

Made with ClevaFoam technology, our baby mattress supports your little one's rapidly growing body and developing joints.  It protects the round shape of your baby’s soft head to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly). This is the only product scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the back of your baby’s head by 50% and to increase support by 80% (Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland).

The uniquely formulated ClevaFoam with its open cell structure is 100% breathable, has significantly reduced heat retention and is remarkably lightweight.

Now CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly by Allergy Standards Ltd.

For your baby’s comfort and safety, it is hypo-allergenic, pH balanced and phthalates, toxin and formaldehyde free. Suitable for babies with asthma and allergies. During the manufacturing process we only use water as an alternative blowing agent, so there are no harmful chemicals to worry about.

    Our ClevaFoam Support Baby mattress is vacuum packed at manufacturing to ensure it comes to you in perfect condition. 

    Cot Bed size (140 x 70 x 11 cm).