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Clevamama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow

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Clevamama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow.

At ClevaMama, we know that nothing is more precious than your child’s sleep. It’s so important for growth and development in the early years. As your baby grows and becomes a toddler, you know they still need support. Our soft yet firm and breathable ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow, has been designed to protect and support your child's head and neck while they sleep.

Our advanced ClevaFoam technology protects and support your toddler's head and neck and helps to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly).  Researched and developed in conjunction with the European University, Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland, it is scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the back of your baby's head by 50% and to increase support by 80%.

The uniquely formulated ClevaFoam with its open cell structure is 100% breathable, has significantly reduced heat retention and is remarkably lightweight.

Now CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly by Allergy Standards Ltd.

For your Toddler's comfort and safety, it is hypoallergenic, pH balanced, and toxin and formaldehyde free.  

We also have a range of gorgeous Toddler Pillow cases available to perfectly fit your ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow.

ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow is 50cm x 30cm x 5.5cm.

Ages: 12months +