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Clevamama ClevaScoop Infant Formula Scoop

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Clevamama ClevaScoop Infant Formula Scoop.

Laboratory tested and proven, the ClevaScoop Baby Formula Multi-Scoop prepares the most accurate feed for your baby, saving you time, money and most of all, patience! Reduce the health risks associated with over or underfeeding your baby by using the ClevaScoop.

One easy scoop action is all it takes to prepare your baby's bottle the right way every time. The patented BPA-free ClevaScoop was developed in collaboration with the world's leading infant formula research lab and is proven to be more accurate when tested against all other formula scoops.

    Why is the ClevaScoop more accurate?

    1. Eliminates miscounting of scoops.
    2. Reduces compacting and partially air-filled scoops.
    3. No more clogging from steam.

    ClevaScoop Includes:

    1 ClevaScoop Handle, 1 Large Cup, 1 Small Cup, 1 Funnel and 1 Instruction Manual.

    Rest assured you are choosing the highest quality of product with the Baby Formula ClevaScoop.

    The ClevaScoop has been tested and proven compatible with all leading formulas that come with a 9cc/ml scoop.