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Cluedo Ghostbusters Edition

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Cluedo Ghostbusters Edition.

Team up to fight ghosts and ghouls in the Ghostbusters Clue board game. A classic game of "Who done it?" for all the family.

Imagine a team of paranormal eliminators rushing to a farm in Ecto-1 to work together to roast some ghosts and solve a mystery. Through the process of elimination, players discover who the leader is, how to catch him and where he will appear. Will Slimer show up in the lab and get trapped with a packet of protons? Maybe it's Gozer, with the Aztec Whistle in the barn. Move from one location to another, make suggestions and narrow down as other players reveal their cards. Paranormal cards add teamwork to the game by allowing players to team up to fight a ghost or get closer to the truth. Once a player makes an accusation, check the sleeve of the Tobin Spirit Guide card to see if he is correct. A correct accusation wins the game.

Contents: Gameboard, 6 character tokens (with plastic bases), 6 ghost tokens, 6 miniture spectral devices, 30 cards, Tobins spirit card sleeve, notepad, 2 dice and game rules.

2-6 Players.

Ages: 8+