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Crazy Chic Beauty Trendy Hairstyle Playset

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Crazy Chic Beauty Trendy Hairstyle Playset.

Create amazing rainbow-coloured hairstyles with the new hair-colouring kit from Crazy Chic!

The styler has a modern, professional design look and comes with easy-to-change colour cartridges.  Everything stores away neatly in the included work station.

With a huge variety of shades and tones, it is easy to use and will allow girls to experiment with different looks.

The set includes an additional set of beads that you can use to further elevate and personalise your style!

  • Includes: Workstation, hair colouring tongs, hair chalks, soft rubber interchangeable sponges, hair beads, crasy chic stickers and an illustrated manual.

Ages: 6+