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Crazy Chic Lovely Make Up Fashion Bag

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Crazy Chic Lovely Make Up Fashion Bag.

An easy-to-carry glamour pouch, featuring lots of make-up with a soft finish for natural looks that are always enchanting, highlighting the inherent beauty of every little girl.

A truly elegant bag to take your favourite make-up everywhere, from eyeshadow to nail varnish and lip gloss, for make-up looks and fun with friends at any moment.

Eyeshadow, lip gloss, nail varnish and applicators to create the perfect make-up looks. The whole make-up case is organised to make sure everything is accessible and check looks created in the mirror.

A complete and safe play experience. Make-up to try out straight away with friends, getting inspiration from online tutorials or following the instructions of companions and mums.

The golden crown, trend icon of the Crazy Chic make-up range and the on-trend design of the pouch make this make-up case practical, easy to transport and extremely desirable for little girls.

A palette with 6 eyeshadows, 6 lip glosses, 3 mini lipsticks and 2 applicators to create the perfect Crazy Chic look!

Ages: 6+