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Crazy Chic Lovely Make Up Set Swan

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Crazy Chic Lovely Make Up Set Swan.

A make-up case in the shape of a swan, with a compact size allowing it to be carried everywhere and with a palette of soft shades for a natural look that is always on trend.

Little girls have always loved animals and their young. This has prompted the Crazy Chic line to offer wonderful, functional travel make-up cases inspired by favourite animals.

The make-up case is perfect to carry in your backpack or bag, ready to transform any moment into a chance for creative play and fun that can be shared with friends, anywhere.

The make-up in the case has been tested to ensure complete safety. Little girls can have fun with the make-up, following online tutorials or the instructions of friends and mums.

The sweet little swan wears a golden crown like the other baby animals in the line, which are ideal to collect. This make-up case captures little girls' attention with its unique and precious look.

  • Includes: 6 eyeshadows and 1 lipstick in lively colours and one applicator, to create wonderful make-up looks.

Ages: 6+