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Crazy Chic Urban Style Make Up Set

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Crazy Chic Urban Style Make Up Set.

A Crazy Chic book-shaped make-up bag that holds the secret to beauty! A fantastic make-up case for girls to create special make-up in Urban Style. For a different look every day. The trousse also suggests how to combine the different colour shades, to create a perfect, sparkling make-up.
Crazy Chic Urban Style Makeup is designed for little make-up artists who love to imitate their mothers in the mirror. It encourages imitative play. The make-up in the set is tested and certified, the components and substances undergo strict controls and tests to certify their quality. Leaving little girls free to play and apply make-up without risk. The make-up is easily removable with water.
  • Includes: 12 shades of matte and shimmery powder eyeshadow and 8 colour lip gloss.
  • A make-up set that hides the secret of beauty!
  • A fantastic make-up set to create a special Urban Style make-up, with a different one every day
  • Develops the skill and creativity in beauty.

Ages: 6+