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Crazy Science Night Slime Playset

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Crazy Science Night Slime Playset.

A large scientific kit approved by Doctor Slime. You can have fun and experiment with lots of different types of glow in the dark slime. There is also a glow in the dark slime ghost.

In this kit you can make: Nocturnal clouds... of slime, Phosphorescent jelly slime, Phosphorescent gummy slime, by night slime ketchup, Phosphorescent antistress slime, Clean night-time slime, Crankle... and shine slime, Mesh ball and much more!

Includes: Glue for slime, activator, powder for slime, dyes, glow in the dark pigment, scoop, ballon, net, ghost mould, corn starch, trays, gloves, goggles and a illustrated manual.

Ages: 8+