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Cry Babies BFF Doll Coney

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Cry Babies BFF Doll Coney.

Meet the new BFF Series 3 doll, Coney!

Now your favourite Cry Babies Magic Tears character is a teen! Coney has glass eyes, an articulated body and 15cm long pink hair. . . What hairstyles will you create?

Coney wears clothes according to her talent, she is a chef! She always makes lots of delicious food. Coney will have many adventures with the rest of the BFFs competing in a talent show. Enjoy unboxing and discovering Coney and her accessories.

The BFFs encourage children to develop imagination, compassion and creativity in a fun way.

  • Includes: 1 x BFF Coney doll and 9 x accessories
  • Coney is dressed according to her talent!
  • Style her long hair!
  • Unbox and discover her wardrobe with 9+ surprises inside!
  • Discover the new BFF by Cry Babies animated series on YouTube and Prime Video!

Ages: 3+