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Cry Babies BFF Doll Shannon

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Cry Babies BFF Doll Shannon.

Meet the new BFF Series 3 doll, Shannon!

Shannon has glass eyes, an articulated body and 15cm long gorgeous multi-colour nylon hair... What hairstyles will you create?

This stylish and super cool BFF wears clothes according to her talent, Shannon loves classical dancing, and her dress is perfect for the dance floor. However, when the BFFs embark on a talent show, they think Shannon is the mean girl, but they will soon discover that she has a big heart.

Have fun unboxing and discovering all of your BFF's accessories, including two pieces of clothing, a bag, a hair accessory, a pair of dance shoes, a pair of boots and a necklace!

The BFFS encourage children to develop imagination, compassion and creativity in a fun way.

  • Includes: 1 x BFF Shannon doll and 9 x accessories
  • Shannon is dressed according to her talent!
  • Style her long hair!
  • Unbox and discover her wardrobe with 9+ surprises inside!
  • Discover the new BFF by Cry Babies animated series on YouTube and Prime Video!

Ages: 3+