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Cry Babies Dressy Dreamy Doll

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Cry Babies Dressy Dreamy Doll.

Say hello to Cry Babies Fantasy Dressy Dreamy! She has vibrant multi- coloured rooted hair and sparkly blue eyes. Dreamy is wearing a magical fantasy outfit: a changeable white fluffy unicorn jumper with her signature rainbow on the front, iridescent pink and blue leggings with cute pink shoes.

Like all the Cry Babies, she cries real water tears and makes 10+ realistic baby sounds when you remove her dummy! Cry Babies are more light weight than ever making it easier to cradle and calm her down.

Take Cry Babies with you everywhere you go, the perfect interactive doll for fun, imaginative and nurturing play.

  • Poor little cry Baby Dreamy the unicorn!
  • Give her the dummy and a cuddle to stop her from crying.
  • She cries real tears and makes realistic baby noises when you take away her dummy!
  • She also comes with her own unicorn inspired changeable onesie!

Ages: 18months +