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Cutetitos Babitos Furry Baby Friend Soft Toy Assorted

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Cutetitos Babitos Furry Baby Friend Soft Toy Assorted.

Babitos are SWEET in an all new Candy Series!  Cutetitos Babitos Series 3 are adorable baby stuffed animals wrapped in a mini candy-colored blankets and stuffed inside a shell that looks like candy!

These furry baby friends are just waiting to be unrolled and discovered!  Each Babito comes in a blue or pink diaper for a fun gender-reveal surprise – will you unroll a boy or a girl?  

Check out your Babito’s sweet spot to find out if their personality is sweet, so sweet, extra sweet or super sweet!  

There are 12 different baby animals to collect, from a Lionito to a Beeito, even a Reindeerito! Some are SUPER rare – can you find them all?  

Each comes with a candy-colored blanket, a diaper and a Pet Collector card with additional information about your pet including its species, gender, name, birthday and sweet level!

Includes: 1 Babito Furry Friend, blanket and collecters card.

Ages: 3+

There are several styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.