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Cybex Sirona T i-Size Car Seat Sepia Black

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Cybex Sirona T i-Size Car Seat Sepia Black.

Enjoy the ultimate travel experience with the CYBEX Sirona T i-Size car seat. Your child can enjoy the height of comfort with features like all-round air ventilation promising pleasant temperatures in all seasons. Smooth 360° Rotation lets you get them on and off-board effortlessly, and helps you switch between rear or forward-facing travel. Recline the seat with one hand, for extra comfort on the road and you can enjoy peace of mind through safety features such as integrated Linear Side-impact Protection. Get ready for blissful trips with your child, with the Sirona T i-Size.

The Sirona T i-Size features five recline positions in both rear and forward-facing positions. It can also recline while rotating on its base. Reclining the seat requires only one hand, keeping your other hand free for different tasks.

A proven Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) System enhances safety in the event of a side crash. Together with the car seat’s energy-absorbing shell, the L.S.P. reduces initial impact force by up to 25% (compared to the same seat without L.S.P. using ADAC test criteria). The L.S.P. System folds away if space in the car is limited.

The Sirona T i-Size evolves with your child, thanks to a height-adjustable headrest designed to accomodate their rapid growth. 12 different headrest positions let you adapt the car seat to your child's size during their first four years, providing steady protection throughout this time.

  • Age range: From birth up to 4 years.
  • Child weight: Max. 18 kg.
  • Child height: 45 - 105 cm.
  • Approval regulation: UN R129/03.
  • The Sirona T i-Size is compatible with the CYBEX Base T and Base Z2.

Whats Included? 

  • Sirona T i-Size toddler car seat.
  • Newborn Inlay.
  • User guide.