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Cybex Solution T iFix Car Seat Sepia Black

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Cybex Solution T iFix Car Seat Sepia Black.

The perfect Solution!

If only everything lasted as long as a Solution. With an incredible nine year life span, the Solution T i-Fix car seat will be a constant companion throughout all the twists and turns of childhood – until your little one is twelve years old.

It’s packed with safety features, like a patented reclining headrest helping to keep your child’s head in a safe position throughout your journey, as well as advanced Linear Side-impact Protection. An adjustable headrest and automatic width adjustment means that you can react fast to sudden growth spurts. And a cooling air ventilation system keeps the rides comfortable all year round.

Safety and comfort that lasts for a childhood – the Solution T i-Fix.

  • Age range: From approx. 3 up to 12 years.
  • Child weight: From approx. 15 to 50 kg.
  • Child height: 100 cm - 150 cm.
  • Approval regulation: UN R129/03.