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Dickie Recycling Truck Light And Sound

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Dickie Recycling Truck Light And Sound.

Fully functional toy recycling truck for kids, this toy recycling truck from Dickie Toys is the ultimate toy for teaching your little one about the importance of recycling. It features a motorized lifting function, which lifts the yellow waste bin and empties the contents into the on-board container. Small objects can be loaded into the vehicle via the waste shredder, which operates via a rotating wheel. The truck is also equipped with numerous other moving parts, including a manual gripper arm that can be moved in all directions in order to retrieve larger objects, and a tailgate that can be opened and closed to access the contents of container.

Dickie Toys – Feature-packed toy refuse vehicle (39 cm) – Large toy vehicle with motorized lifting function, gripper arm, waste bin, light and sound effects and much more.

The ultimate toy recycling vehicle! This bright green recycling truck is guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher in any toy vehicle collection.

Batteries required: 2 x AA (included).

Ages: 3+