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Dickie Rescue Transporter Playset c/w Helicopter Ands Car

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Dickie Rescue Transporter Playset c/w Helicopter Ands Car

Dickie Toys – Set of 3 rescue vehicles (Volvo truck (40cm) with transporter, SUV & helicopter) –  with accessories and numerous functions.

Three vehicles – three times the fun!
1. The 40 cm long Volvo FH16 truck features a range of entertaining light and sound effects, as well as a fold-out rear ramp for loading vehicles on and off the trailer.
2. The large truck can transport the 13 cm long Volvo XC40 Recharge, which also features a rescue-themed design.
3. The truck can also accommodate the 23 cm long Airbus H160, which comes with a quiet wind-up propeller and a manually rotating tail rotor.

  • This unbeatable combo includes 3 officially licensed vehicle models: 1. Volvo FH16 truck, 2. Volvo XC40 SUV, 3. Airbus H160
  • The truck features a fold-out ramp for launching the SUV, as well as a built-in landing pad for the toy helicopter.
  • This vehicles in this set are packed with exciting features, including a wind-up propeller, a detachable trailer and a truck with light and sound effects.
  • In addition to the 3 push-along rescue vehicles, the set also includes a warning sign and traffic cones.

Ages: 3+