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Disney Princess My Friend Jasmine Doll

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Disney Princess My Friend Jasmine Doll.

For every girl who dreams of adventure, there’s a Disney Princess to show her it’s possible. Set off on a thrilling ride, as if on a magic carpet, or simply share everyday experiences with a cherished friend, the beautiful Disney Princess Jasmine Doll! Dressed in her iconic outfit with dazzling glitter detail featuring Genie’s lamp and jasmine flowers, Jasmine is ready for any adventure!

Her fashion is not only gorgeous, but also designed for easy dressing in mind. Jasmine’s accessories also provide easy to use enhancements including a headband tiara and soft plastic shoes that are easy to put on and take off. Take Jasmine wherever you go and together, discover new, far off places!

  • Includes: Doll and removable Dress, Shoes and Tiara.
  • Jasmine is approximately 14” tall.

Ages: 3+