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Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Under The Sea Exploring Ariel Doll

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Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Under The Sea Exploring Ariel Doll.

Celebrate Disney’s The Little Mermaid with this stunning Under the Sea Exploring Ariel doll! Go on an underwater adventure and discover hidden treasures with your favorite mermaid friend! Place treasures in her hand. Take Ariel with you into the water to hear her talk and sing! Ariel sings her unforgettable song, “Part of Your World”. Ariel's beautiful tail illuminates! This child's doll features a gorgeous hairstyle that can be styled and accessorized with the included seashell hair charms! Ariel is dressed in her stunning story-inspired fabric top, featuring iridescent ruffles and glimmering purple and blue scale designs. Her mermaid tail has a beautiful shimmery finish and gorgeous fabric tail fins that elegantly flow behind her as she “swims” under the waves! Take Ariel along with you and go on your own adventures to collect treasures under the sea.
  • Includes: 1 Doll, 1 "Dinglehopper", 1 Seashell, 4 Hair Clip Charms.
  • This gorgeous Under the Sea Exploring Ariel doll features film details including Ariel’s beautiful hairstyle, fabric top and iridescent tail with flowing fins! LIGHTS, PHRASES, AND MUSIC: Ariel speaks and sings her signature song “Part of Your World” as her tail lights up!
  • Style Ariel’s hair with the included charms!
  • Ariel can be played with in and out of water!
  • Take Ariel on an under the sea adventure or set out to discover hidden treasures, just like in the film!

Ages: 3+