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Eastcolight Grow Your Own Meteoric Geode - White

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Grow your own meteoric geode!

Crystals are solid substances whose molecules (or atoms and ions) are arranged in a very ordered configuration. In some solids, the arrangement of their basic components (atoms and molecules) may be random or uneven in material. In the case of crystals, a formation of atoms called "elementary cell" repeats in exactly the same configuration throughout the crystal. Due to this repetitive structure, crystals can naturally acquire fascinating shapes. When we "grow" crystals, we do nothing but decompose the molecules into individual units in the water and allow them to naturally settle in the proper positions within the repetitive structure as the water evaporates.

Contents: 1x meteoric geode rock-growing base, 1x bottle of crystal growing powder, 1x stirring spoon, 1x mixing cup with measurements and 1x instructions.

Ages: 8+