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Exost 360 Mini Flip Remote Control Vehicle Assortment

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Exost 360 Mini Flip Remote Control Vehicle Assortment.

360 Mini Flip is the new remote control of Exost in scale 1:34 for indoor use in infrared. Thanks to the shockproof tyres it is able to cope with all obstacles at 360°. It has two faces. It reaches a maximum speed of 8 km/h and has an operating range of 8 meters. The vehicle includes a rechargeable battery through the transmitter (batteries 4 x AA not included). Charging time 35 minutes. Maximum usage time 10 minutes.


  • All terrain tyres shock absorber
  • Double sided body
  • Infrared transmitter
  • Indicator light
  • Movement control and steering control

Contents: 1x Mini Flip

Batteries Required: 4x AA Not Included

Ages: 5+