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Fingerlings Sweet Tweet Birds Blue

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Fingerlings Sweet Tweet Birds Blue.

Unlock friendship at your fingertips and share sweet messages with Fingerlings Sweet Tweets Bird. This cute, interactive bird features 40+ sounds and reactions and so many ways to play on and off your finger. On your finger, record and play back secret messages and make a heart-to-heart connection. It really knows when its with you! Watch the heart on its head light up and hear it respond to you whenever you place your bird on your finger.

Record secret messages by holding the wings. As you press the wing buttons, watch the beautiful feather crest flip up to show your friends there's a secret message waiting! Your Sweet Tweets Bird will save your message for later to play back and share with friends. After playing your secret message, use your finger to lower the feathers for the next recording.

Off your finger, your bird listens and repeats everything you say for so many silly talk-back possibilities! You can also press your birds wings (double or triple press) to hear sweet tweets, bird songs and other cute sounds. The birds feet clip easily to your finger, so you can take your birdie on the go.

  • Includes: 1 Fingerlings bird blue.
  • Meet Lionel, the cutest blue bird there is!
  • He has a cool orange and yellow feather crest that flips up when you press the wing buttons.
  • Hold down the wing buttons to record secret messages.
  • Your or a friend can play your message only when your bird is on your finger, and you push the wing buttons.
  • Your bird plays back your message in their cute, birdie voice.
  • Off your finger, your bird listens and repeats everything you say.
  • 40+ sounds and reactions.
  • This birds heart beats and it greets you as soon as you put them on your finger, because they really know its you.
  • Batteries required: 3 x LR44 batteries (included)

Ages: 5+