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Fisher Price Clipimals Universal Pacifier Holder Otter

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Fisher Price Clipimals Universal Pacifier Holder Otter.

Keep your baby’s favorite pacifier close at hand (and off the floor!) with the Fisher-Price Clipimals Universal Pacifier Holder. This adorable Otter fits on most pacifiers and easily attaches to your baby’s outfit or the diaper bag with a baby-safe, lightweight clip. The super snuggly pal is machine-washable and has a storage pocket to keep pacifiers clean when not in use.
  • Plush Otter pacifier holder for use from birth.
  • ​Perfect for travel, the cuddly Otter helps keep your baby's favorite pacifier close by (and off the floor).
  • Fits most pacifiers, so your baby can use their favourite!
  • Attaches to your baby's clothes or to a bag with a lightweight clip.
  • Machine-washable, plush Otter with wipeable storage pocket.