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Fred Stair Gate Y-Spindle - 2 Pk

Available: In-Store Online

Makes fitting Fred Pressure Gates to curved stairposts, newel posts and balusters, so very easy! Simply replaces the wall cup spindles that come with your pressure stair gate.

Safety just got smarter

  • For use on rounded railings up to 75mm (3") diameter.
  • No drilling, no adhesive, no Wall Cups, simply tightens using the spanner included with your Fred Pressure Gate..
  • Bite and choke safe - made with non-toxic, food grade material.. 

Where and when to use: Only designed for use with Fred Pressure-Fit Wooden or Clear view stairgates. 

"Ensure that stairgates are only fitted against stair-posts that are firm and solid. If they are at all wobbly, the safety gate will not provide an effective barrier to protect your child"