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Gabby's Doll House 10" 2 In 1 Training Bike

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Gabby's Doll House 10" 2 In 1 Training Bike.

The perfect first bike for any little Gabby's Dollhouse fan, with colourful charactergraphics, the 2-in-1 converts easily from a training to a balance bike in a matter of minutes. 

Stage one is the pedal bike where riders can get used to pedalling and steering with the aid of rear stabilisers.

Stage two is the balance bike mode where pedals and stabilisers are removed as core coordination, strength and skill improve to allow 'push off' and balance via freewheeling.

The wide EVA moulded wheels with mag wheel inner provide extra stability and the deep tread tyres offer a strong yet comfortable ride with excellent grip. 

Both saddle and handlebars are adjustable in height to suit children as they grow and gain in confidence and a soft saddle and hand grips provide additional comfort whilst learning.

  • Featuring brightly coloured decals, shaped plaque and components ideal for visual development!
  • Durable steel frame and puncture proof EVA tyres ensure confidence and longevity of product.
  • The handlebars feature soft moulded grips for little hands whilst the lightweight, wide wheels with deep tread offer a smoother and a more stable ride.
  • A front mudguard prevents riders from getting to messy and protects from debris.
  • Can be adjusted to growing children as confidence and ability improves with adjustable handlebar height of 56-59cm and an adjustable seat height of 44-49cm.
  • Encourages the development of balance and coordination.

Ages: 2+