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Gabby's Doll House 4 In a Box Jigsaw Puzzle

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Gabby's Doll House 4 In a Box Jigsaw Puzzle.

Prepare for magical adventures as you complete these four, bright and colourful puzzles!

Join Gabby, DJ Catnip, Kitty Fairy and Pandy Paws as they confide in DJ Catnip to help get them out of troublesome situations. Then get creative with the Box Cat family, in the craft room - be careful though, watch out for the playful foil that is Catrat!

Head outdoors to the Fairy Tail garden to see Kitty Fairy and explore what the luscious magical garden has to offer. Or head for a jamming session in the music room with DJ Catnip, Mercat, Pillowcat, Cakey Cat and Catrat - the adventures are endless in Gabby's Dollhouse!

Our 4 in a box kids puzzles are crafted with premium quality materials and measure 19 x 14cm when complete.

Ages: 3+